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2017-10-07 11:03:10 by DubstepFreak2015

Hey Guys!

​Ive been thinking lately, and i have noticed a flaw in Velocity,

​the problem is simply this, too much bass,

​i am going to be fixing the problem and re uploading velocity :D

~Dubstep Freak 


2017-09-08 18:41:21 by DubstepFreak2015

Thank You Everybody For 1k Views On Spectrum!

Thanks to all my Fans this was possible! 

Heres Hoping To Another Thousand!


2017-08-20 08:54:18 by DubstepFreak2015

Thank You To everyone That has used my music in Geometry Dash!
​Every play of your guys levels helps the dubstep Freak Name Grow!

I have played the levels by the following people
​ Geomblox

Thanks Guys!



2017-07-06 14:50:15 by DubstepFreak2015

Hey Guys! :D

I need someone to help with making the Lyrics for my new song Sorry Tonight! :D

i have a rough idea on the drop also

if anyone is interested Please Message me on FB! :D




Vocalist Needed!

2017-06-12 18:17:17 by DubstepFreak2015

Looking for a vocal artist for a new song!

​Message me on fb for details!


​All Credits for vocals will be given to said vocalist!


2017-03-21 15:38:29 by DubstepFreak2015

Hi Everyone. I am Very Sorry for how long it has been since i have posted new music. But as of now i am PROMISING by next week i will have new music up hopefully the wait will be worth it on this next track!

​Remember all my music is usable in Geometry Dash only rule it you must let me know the level so i can play it! :P

​If you guys ever wonder what program i use for making my music dont be afraid to message me on facebook! I am always happy to help a new producer!  Who knows maybe we could make a song together! :D



2017-02-19 18:04:08 by DubstepFreak2015

Regarding Dubstep Freak (Me) I am apologizing for the wait for music lately production has been slow and hope to have some new music next week! :D Check Out Lunar In My PlayList! Amazing Song!